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Bring Back a Sense of Stability & Peace of Mind With a Stone Foundation Repair

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Stone Foundation Repair Services

Stone Foundation Repair is a simple yet delicate process.

First, we clean the walls of all loose debris and mortar. After many years of freezing, thawing and water penetration, it is not uncommon for stone foundations to be literally crumbling inside of your basement. It's essential to clean away all of the debris.

Next, we apply new mortar, filling gaps and cracks that have formed in the walls.

Once the new mortar has dried, we apply waterproof paint to the walls.

Repairing the mortar joints is just one aspect of creating a clean, waterproof foundation. It is essential to examine the grade of your yard and landscaping features, as well as explore your drainage situation. Superior Stoneworks can help provide you with a plan for preventing further water damage to your foundation through the use of french drains, yard grading, or even having a plumber out to install or inspect a sump bump. 

Bill is my first call when anyone I know needs stone work or landscaping.
— Homeowner in Lopatcong, NJ

Call Superior Stoneworks for Top Quality MaterialsPrecision EngineeringNeighborhood Bragging RightsLong Lasting Beauty 

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