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Paver Patios offer an eco-friendly and long lasting way to improve your landscape, especially by adding more usable living space to your property. Design options with pavers can achieve a classic look... rustic, modern, casual, regal, or creative look. No matter what your personal style, a patio is an excellent way to add value to your home and lifestyle.

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Bill and his crew do a beautiful job. They clean up afterwards and leave everything looking amazing. I will definitely use him in the future.
— Homeowner in Liberty Twp.

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Choosing a Style for Your Paver Patio

Choosing the Shape of Your Patio

Patios offer homeowners a vast amount of creative freedom. Not burdened by walls (unless you want a decorative ledge or retaining wall in your design) your patio can be circular, a rectangle, an oval, or entirely free-form. When designing your patio, you will want to draw inspiration from your home and landscape. Are your gardens all circular? Free form? Does your home have very modern clean lines?

Choosing the Size of Your Patio

Believe it or not, the time to start shopping for Patio Furniture is before your patio is created. It's important to consider what you will be using your patio for. Do you want to roll a grill onto the patio? Do you want a complete outdoor kitchen? Do you need room for a long outdoor dining table with plenty of seating? Or just two chairs and a coffee table? Perhaps you want to enjoy a stone fire pit with built in seating. Share your ideas with your Hardscaper to form a plan on how to fit - or include, all of the features you are looking for. 

Choosing the Pavers for Your Patio

Superior Stoneworks sources materials from four of the best vendors in the paver industry, linked to at the bottom of this page.  Each of their websites include design inspirations and styles to meet your individual tastes. To learn more about the kinds of pavers available, read below.


Choose from a Wide Variety of Pavers

Check Out Our Vendors to See Your Full Range of Patio and Walkway Paver Options

Concrete Pavers

concrete pavers

Did you know that Concrete Paver Patios are 4x Stronger than Poured Concrete? In addition to being available in any style you can imagine, concrete pavers are durable, long-lasting, and low cost compared to natural stone pavers. With near unlimited color choices and designs available, any style home can pair with a concrete paver design to upgrade the curb appeal - and outdoor living appeal of the home.

Cobblestone Pavers

cobblestone pavers

Cobblestone has been around since the 14th century. Today, they are often replicated with manufactured processes that offer the look of traditional cobblestone while remaining practical and affordable. Along with Belgian Block, they are also a favorite surrounding trees, gardens, and water features. Check out a manufactured cobblestone by CST Pavers here

Bluestone Pavers

bluestone pavers

Bluestone Paver Patios are a long-loved favorite of North American Landscapes. Bluestone itself is a natural tone can only be found in the northeastern United States. It is naturally slip resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Despite being named for its natural blue hue, bluestone can be a silvery blue, brown, tan, gray, rust, green or even plum colored. The color of your bluestone can also change over time, adding to its charm.


flagstone pavers

Flagstone is a durable and slip resistant natural stone that is perfect for a yard in direct sunlight. The stones are naturally cool as they don't absorb heat easily, and they are also resistant to weather damage. For those who love the look of natural stone, flagstone is a fantastic option that offers a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, shapes, and sizes.

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Add Top Quality Patio Features to Your Hardscape

Give yourself permission to enjoy life after work in your own backyard oasis.

Stone Fire Pits Outdoor Seating

Fire Pits & Seating

Enjoy your patio all-year-round with a fire pit and permanent stone seating that doesn't have to get hauled in for the winter!

outdoor kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Be a part of the party every summer. Tired of being tucked away in the house cooking food for your guests? Cook out where the fun is!

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Walls & Ledges

Protect Your Yard from the Harmful Effects of Erosion while adding Beauty and Sophistication with Artfully, and Functionally placed Retaining Walls.

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