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Bring Cozy Comfort Outdoors with a Custom Stone Fire Pit

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stone fire pits
I would highly recommend Bill and have done so several times already.
— Homeowner in White Township, NJ

Choosing the Fire Pit that Matches Your Home, Style, and Budget

Done right, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is a safe and inviting way to enjoy your yard.
Whether you’re looking to extend the summer months or delay the onset of a chilly evening, you can linger longer outside with an outdoor fireplace or custom fire pit. They are an inviting, safe way to light up your landscape, “ignite” a romantic night, or simply provide warmth while entertaining.
grated into your stone walls or seating!

Stone Firepits and Seating Features and Options

The possibilities are near endless. With pre-packaged fire pits and custom fire pit and fireplace options from some of the best vendors in the paving stone industry, there is a fire pit style for everyone.


Fire Pit Seating

Some outdoor furniture can be flammable, so custom built stone seating is not only popular because it’s a beautiful choice, but it’s also a safe and practical choice. Stone seating can be simple and inviting, or intricate, majestic and stunning.  


Custom Fire Pit Design & Installation

If including a fire pit in a new patio design, a first step may be to design the look and shape of your patio. This will guide you as to the size of your fire pit. Once you determine the size and shape of your fire pit, a wide variety of material options are available in both manufactured pavers and natural stone. Your expert hardscape designer can guide you to the best options for your budget. Ultimately, your preferences and budget will determine just how simple or elaborate your fire pit design will be.


Additional Features:

Outdoor Lighting:
Did you know that you can install lighting into your hardscape? Custom outdoor lighting is perfect for the hardscape feature that people enjoy most after dark.
Built in Cooler:
Want somewhere to keep drinks cold that looks better than a giant rectangular piece of plastic? A Stone Cooler can be integrated into your stone walls or seating!

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